We don't specialize in helping students pick colleges. We specialize in getting colleges to pick our students.

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About Us

SCC is a team of highly-experienced professionals, helping each student with a variety of talents.

Every SCC student benefits directly from a team of experts: a Client Manager, an Editor, and an Interviewer. Our Client Managers have high-level education degrees, behavioral science knowledge, or university admissions and college counseling experience. Our Editors are professional copy writers and copy editors. Our Interviewers have conducted admissions interviews for decades on behalf of Ivy League and other highly-selective colleges. SCC is led by graduates of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, UVA, and other fine educational institutions.

Robert LeVine

Robert LeVine is a Harvard graduate with three decades of experience interviewing for Harvard, including several years serving as Chairman of the Harvard Schools and Scholarships Committee for the West Coast of Florida. Bob designed SCC’s CAM Protocol, Guided Self-Analysis, CODE writing system, and Interview Preparation module. Bob has published over 40 articles on college admissions and has lectured around the United States and around the world, including seminars in Brazil, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Founder & CEO

Bill Watson-Canning

William Watson-Canning is a graduate of Princeton University and former interviewer for Princeton admissions. Bill has earned several post-graduate degrees, including an MBA from the University of Tampa and an MFA from UCSD. Bill previously served as a VP of Content Development and an Executive-Level Manager for two e-learning organizations. On top of overseeing operations, Bill serves as an Editor and Interviewer for SCC and has written several articles on college admissions.

Executive Vice President

Amy Tamargo

Amy Tamargo is a graduate of the University of Florida and received her J.D. degree from the University of Florida. Prior to joining SCC, Amy had a 20-year career as a lawyer and mediator and served for six years as a college resource volunteer at Plant High School in Tampa, Florida. The mother of two college students, Amy has recently guided her own children through the college admissions process and was

able to assist her daughter in obtaining a full scholarship to one of America’s most selective private universities. Amy is SCC’s Vice President of Client Services, overseeing client progress in all phases of SCC’s CAM Protocol program, from Guided Self-Analysis to scholarship resource advice.

Vice President of Client Services

Andre Dervaes

​Andre Dervaes is a professional tutor and teacher with decades of experience at highly-selective private schools. Andre has worked with SCC since its inception and serves as a Client Manager and as our lead Interview Supervisor.

Client Manager and Interview Supervisor

Jennifer Riesco

Jennifer Riesco has years of experience in admissions for both private and public post-secondary schools, as well as expertise in implementing educational campaigns at the state level. A member of Florida Public Health Association and National Alliance on Mental Illness, Jennifer believes education is a right of all students, regardless of socio-economic status, physical or mental disabilities or mental illness.

Client Manager

Kimberly Santamaria

Kimberly Santamaria is a lifetime copy editor and writer, having assisted clients throughout the United States with book manuscripts, corporate documents, and college application essays. A graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in English and memberships in the American Copy Editors Society and the Student Support Alliance, Kimberly also is the founder of Writing Coaches of America, the preeminent organization that tutors students with writing for school assignments and projects as well as the SAT and ACT.

Executive Editor

Alison Lueders

Alison Lueders is a graduate of Harvard and received her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Alison previously interviewed applicants for Harvard and, since 2011, has been the proprietor of Great Green Content, which provides content and copywriting services for green businesses.

Executive Editor

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