“Wow. What a dramatic difference in the essay! Can’t thank you enough.” – R.P.

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The College Essays

Personal essays can make or break an applicant’s chances of admission to a selective college. Unfortunately, given an opportunity to sell themselves directly to admissions committees, most applicants simply sell themselves short.

Very few teenagers know how to write essays that excite experienced admissions professionals. Selective College Consulting can show you how.

The starting point for ALL college essays should be a clear understanding of what premier colleges want to know about you. In fact, every essay option listed on the Common Application, Coalition Application and Universal College Application include the word “you.”

In order to impress selective colleges, one must first understand oneself. SCC believes that no essay should be started until the applicant has a firm grasp on his or her own individuality. With that knowledge, SCC helps students identify personal life experiences that are both memorable and support their distinct strengths. Together we develop essay topics and substantive “talking points.”

Before starting on any essays, SCC works with students to plan out their entire application presentation, deciding what points we want to stress, and where. Once we develop your strategy and personal storyline, SCC utilizes the “CODE” method of writing:  Concept, Outline, Draft, Edit.

Each essay has a purpose and goal, or Concept. Students then work on multiple versions of the Outline, developing the specifics necessary to make a story memorable. With a detailed outline as guidance, our students Draft as quickly as possible – always in less than 30 minutes – so that their personal voice is projected. Then, SCC and the student Edit each essay, providing two professional editors to review and polish student work without losing the writer’s individual personality.


At all times, our focus is on two things: what makes an applicant distinctive and memorable, and how can we raise our students’ results on the selective college grading sheets. We work hard, and we work smart, so that each essay has both the substance to enhance student opportunity and the style to enchant admissions representatives.

With guidance and direction from SCC, applicants develop essays that present themselves in the best possible manner.

Essays with CODE