"With today’s nearly impossible competitive admissions landscape, SCC can markedly make a difference in a student’s college opportunities.” - H.C.

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Your guidance and support has been tremendous and we are thrilled with the results in the form of a happy senior ready to " pick the college of her choice w/ a scholarship


Class of 2015

I have been so pleased with the support of SCC and we are thrilled with the applications results for our daughter. We could potentially provide Bob and co. with the most clients from one single family! With our youngest of 6 children in kindergarten, that would be a steady stream of "Hills" for 12 more years! 


Class of 2016

It is a positive feeling, as a parent, to know I am exposing my daughters to many options to better prepare them for choosing a college that fits them. For this I am thankful to you! My daughter seems so positive when she speaks about her essay writing with you and getting ready to apply to colleges


Class of 2015

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