“We are sure that our son will find his path with your directions. Our only regret is not having met you sooner!!” - S.N. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Student Benefits from the SCC Programs?

SCC is designed for any student who is considering applying to a selective university, college, or graduate school. “Selective” simply means that the school chooses to admit some but not all students. SCC helps students and families understand the application process, translate student strengths into admissions  “language” and grading rubrics, and create effective, compelling, and genuine presentations.

How is Selective College Consulting Different?

Some college consultants merely identify colleges based upon a student’s resume. Others merely edit, or limit their work to essay preparation. A few companies provide mock interviews, but these are performed by the same consultant that works with the student, so their practice interviews are not realistic. Very few attempt to profile and analyze student strengths, and they use standardized testing, not interactive methodologies. No consultants have a directed, goal-oriented program like SCC’s CAM Protocol.

Is it Really Worth Spending the Money?

The college application process is overwhelming. There are a lot of pieces, and the information that you might hear or research is commonly incorrect, even from “experts.” Selective College Consulting wants its clients to understand every step of the process, from big picture to small details. Our goal is for students to achieve amazing success during college, without economic hardship. Although the value of SCC’s service is difficult to quantify mathematically, it is easy for our clients to see the benefit of our work. Working with SCC often results in great scholarship offers that supplement family college savings.

Why Are the Essays Limited in Number, and Can We Purchase Additional Essays?

SCC has included a limited number of essays in its Programs because those essays can be easily adjusted for use in the vast majority of college applications. For most students, the included essays are enough to cover their applications adequately. If students desire assistance with more essays, those can be purchased at a reasonable cost. List of 2016 Essay Prompts

Does SCC Help Clients Select Colleges?

Attending the right college is life-changing, but finding the right college is overwhelming. An important part of Selective College Consulting’s service is helping students find colleges that fit them, but ultimately our students and families must pick the colleges to which they will apply. We know that it is challenging for most parents and students to identify and understand the thousands of options available, and SCC not only provides recommendations, but also shows its clients how to research colleges effectively. Every school is not a great home for every student, so our goal is to find colleges where each student will soar. Our Client Managers have access to SCC’s customized database of colleges, a collection of options consisting primarily of colleges with on-time graduation rates of 75% or more. Picking colleges is an evolving task – great choices occur later in the process, as students become more sophisticated – and in the end, SCC wants each student to select schools with a wide range of selectivity so that options (both environmental and economic) are available after the admissions offers roll in.

Are Highly-Selective Private Colleges Worth the Price?

Private colleges are not limited by tax dollars and government funding. As a result, they enjoy huge monetary endowments and offer substantial financial aid and scholarship money. For approximately 75% of families, highly selective colleges cost significantly less than public universities. Nevertheless, public universities can also be great values, but usually only for residents of their state or athletes who are recruited and given full scholarships to play sports. Note also that every college admissions website is required by federal law to have a financial aid calculator, a tool that can clarify the expected cost (without scholarships or grants) based upon family income.

Does SCC File Applications for its Students?

Students are responsible for all of their work and must complete and file their own applications.

Does SCC Help Families Find Scholarships?

The starting point for “money” and value is identifying the right college for the student. Because admissions representatives are usually part of a college’s financial team, the same people who select the student are the ones who decide the size of the scholarship to be offered. Better work in finding the right college, and great work on the application, leads to superior monetary results. Thereafter, most schools have scholarships and grants that are available to students who simply apply for them, and corporations and foundations have “external” scholarships available as well. SCC can provide information on locating these sources of money, but that is not a formal part of our program. Note that some consultants claim to specialize in finding scholarship money, but many of these “experts” charge families for opportunities that could be found for free.

Does SCC Provide Test Preparation for the SAT and ACT?

SCC does not provide test preparation. However, SCC partners with several test specialists –lifelong tutors, not companies who hire seasonal employees to lead pre-packaged programs – and we can provide recommendations for trusted test tutors.

Does SCC Guarantee Success?

No reputable college consultant should guarantee results. However, many times our students achieve admission to top schools around the world. See Student Acceptances.