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As a mother of a high school junior who ‘suddenly’ decided that she wanted to go to a selective college, the task seemed intimidating and a complex labyrinth. In meeting one-on-one with Bob, he broke down the process to make it less daunting for us. Bob is exceptional at looking at a student’s overall potential and focusing it down to specific qualities that give one student the edge over another. Utilizing him in this critical juncture of my daughter’s academic future has been both advantageous and a welcome relief in this highly competitive process.


Regardless of the outcome, thank you very much for your help throughout this delightful process, Bob. Not just the applications, but dealing with the stress and helping me better understand myself. Thank you.


I won the scholarship!! $50,300 per year! I just wanted to say thank you so much! 


Selective College Consulting has the background, knowledge, experience, attitude and dedication to assist any student preparing to achieve admission to a selective college in these competitive times.


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SCC does not teach what students and parents think that admissions committees want to hear; they KNOW what the colleges are seeking! SCC teaches students how to market themselves so that they stand out from other qualified candidates. Their fun, unconventional style lessens anxiety while building confidence. With today’s nearly impossible competitive admissions landscape, SCC can markedly make a difference in a student’s college opportunities.


It is a pleasure working with Selective College Consulting. Students and parents alike gain valuable insight from his knowledge and passion. The relationship built during this stressful time is very much appreciated!


Thank you for all you’ve done for my son. I know that you guys put in a lot of extra effort. We’re grateful for all your help and assistance throughout the process.


In a few hours, decisions will be coming about my son’s college applications.  Whatever happens, I want to THANK YOU for your guidance with the process.


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